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The Bicycle Workgroup


The Bicycle Workgroup is comprised of twelve citizen volunteers who dedicate their time to assist the City of Tallahassee and Leon County with bike-related projects, improvements and events. In coordination with Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department staff, the workgroup provides input on current projects and assists in developing recommendations on a variety of cycling related topics. Past and current projects include:

  • Test-riding the adopted Leon County bicycle route network;
  • Evaluating and recommending future bike box installations;
  • Providing input on current projects, including the FAMU Way extension.

For more information, please visit the Joint Bicycle Working Group website.

Commuter Services of North Florida is a commuter assistance program offering a variety of services within an eight-county region (Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden, Wakulla, Franklin, Liberty, Jackson, and Calhoun counties). The following free services are available to commuters and employers:

  • Carpooling made easy with EZ-Ride to match you up people in your area who are looking to carpool
  • Vanpooling is a great option for commuter groups traveling 20 or more miles one-way to work and vanpools can be customized to meet the needs of groups as small as 5 to as large as 12.
  • Public Transit options for local and regional travel, including the Gadsden Express
  • Biking with an experienced cyclist can help you learn the lay of the land through the Bicycle Buddy program.
  • Walking for work or play is the easiest form of exercise.
  • Telework allows employees to conduct all or some of their duties away from the primary workplace–most commonly, at home. Commuter Services can assist with customizing a telework program or schedule for you or your employees that is simple, secure, and highly cost-effective.
  • Flexible Work Scheduling helps employers reduce the amount of time employees spend in traffic by staggering arrival and departure times Commuter Services also provides no-cost assistance and consulting services to employers seeking to address employee transportation issues such as recruitment/retention, parking management, and adoption of telework and flex-time policies.
Commuter Assistance Programs
Commuter Services
Public Transit
Flexible Work Scheduling
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Florida Statutes regarding bicycles


Silver Level Walk Friendly Community
(2013 – 2018)

Tallahassee was designated as a Silver-level Walk Friendly Community in Fall 2013. Walk Friendly Communities (WFC) is a national program sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration that acknowledges cities and towns that have shown a commitment to improving walkability and pedestrian safety through comprehensive programs, plans, and policies. The WFC program examines the activities of the applicant community as a whole – including community outreach, education, enforcement, development standards, transportation planning, citizen participation, transit systems, local design requirements, capital programs, and traffic management.

Tallahassee has realized great achievements over the past few years in the provision of pedestrian facilities and in improving pedestrian safety. This award acknowledges the true team effort on the part of the community organizations, local residents and the City of Tallahassee to improve walkability.


Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community
(2009 – 2017)

Tallahassee was designated as a Bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community in Fall 2013. The Bicycle Friendly Community program assists applicant communities with evaluating their quality of life, sustainability and transportation needs, while allowing them to benchmark their progress toward improving their bicycle-friendliness. Since 2002, the program has accepted nearly 600 applications for designation and there are currently 291 Bicycle Friendly Communities in 48 states.
The program emphasizes that bicycling is a simple solution to many of the challenges we face in our country. As Tallahassee residents know well, bicycling is about mobility, sustainability, health and so much more - Bicycle Friendly Communities are great places to live, work and visit.