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Project Updates

New Projects

Bicycle Counts

The Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department actively partners with the community to collect baseline data on bicycling in Tallahassee and Leon County. The data provide information on the usage and demand for bicycle facilities, allow for the measurement of trends, and help provide context for crash data. Collecting bicycle counts will support planning for bicycle improvements and, overtime, provide a means to evaluate the long term benefits of bicycle improvements.

St. Marks Trail project

On June 22, 2016, the City of Tallahassee Commission approved the sale of a 2.64-acre parcel located at the west end of Mosley Street. As part of the agreement for the sale of the property, the developer purchasing the land will provide an easement for the construction of the extension of the St. Marks Trail. The City Commission also directed that funding be provided in the upcoming budget to fully fund the construction of the trail and be completed by the time the apartment complex is completed. The map below shows the existing and proposed trails that will result from this project.

Projects Recently Completed

Downtown-University Protected Bicycle Lane

Lafayette Heritage Trail Bridge: In March 2014, the City of Tallahassee completed work on a pedestrian bridge over the CSX railroad tracks to literally bridge a gap in the network and safely connect the City's Lafayette Heritage Trail Park and Leon County's J.R. Alford Greenway.

Oakland Avenue: The City of Tallahassee recently installed a traffic chicane at the intersection of Oakland Avenue and South Gadsden Street . Thanks to input from members of the Bicycle Workgroup and a top-notch design from Public Works, the chicane restricts westbound vehicle traffic but maintains bicycle access. Another win for innovative collaboration and creative solutions!

Stadium Trail Improvements at Ocala Road: Fear the curb no more! City Public Works recently installed two new ramps at the Stadium Trail and Ocala Road intersection to allow cyclists to more easily access the trail from Ocala Road. Cyclists will also find it much easier to merge onto Ocala Road with the addition of a northbound ramp.

Cascade Park: Blueprint 2000, the City of Tallahassee and Leon County officially opened Cascades Park on March 14, 2014. This state-of-the-art urban park was built thanks to the one-cent local option sales tax. Come enjoy your park, built by your penny. There are over two miles of multi-use trails and sidewalks within the park, in addition to an interactive water play feature, Discovery at Cascades Playground, a world-class amphitheater, and numerous other amenities.

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Bike Box

Bicycle boxes, or advance stop bars, provide a highly visible, painted area of the roadway for cyclists to wait at signalized intersections. More...

Bike Route Network

The Leon County Bicycle Route Network connects the community by designating bicycle-friendly roadways between destinations. A bicycle route is typically an existing roadway with lower traffic volumes that is conducive to cycling. More...

Bike Rack Program

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Classy Tallahasseans are increasingly using bicycles to get around town and local business owners are seeing more and more customers patronizing their businesses by bike. However, many public spaces, dense commercial districts, area parks and local attractions do not have sufficient bike parking to meet the current demand. More...

Bike Corral Program

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Bike corrals benefit local businesses by giving customers a central place to park their bicycle, freeing up sidewalks and encouraging the growing number of people on bikes to stop and shop. Bike corrals provide parking for a larger number of bikes in a small space and also offer a chance to be creative – corrals can be customized to reflect the aesthetics or theme of an area. More...