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Bike Route Map

Our Goal: Make Cycling Easy and Fun!

We want to make riding a bike an easy and comfortable part of daily life for everyone. A key first step is making it easier to plan your ride.  
Use the bike route map to find the routes that you’re most comfortable with and get you where you want to go. If you are new to cycling around town or never visited our community, the bike routes are a great mix of cross-town routes and fun rides that will help you explore Tallahassee. 
In addition to the bike routes, the map features other tools that will make it easier to ride Tallahassee:

  • Bicycle Facilities: See where bike lanes, multi-use paths, and shared roadways are located along your route.
  • Comfort Ratings: Choose your route based the comfort level of the ride. Major roads have been rated for comfort by looking at the speed limit, number of lanes, traffic volumes, preference among cyclists  and type of uses along the road (residential, commercial). 
You Don’t Need to Be Brave to Ride a Bike in Tallahassee

Bikes are legal on all Leon County roadways, but some roads are more comfortable than others. The Bike Route Map and the road comfort ratings are meant to help you plan routes by providing information on level of riding comfort on major roads in our community. Neighborhood streets are not mapped by comfort because these local streets are typically lower volume and more comfortable for most cyclists.

  • High Comfort Roadways –Typically low speed facilities with a single travel lane for each direction of traffic. Bike lanes may be present or sharing is comfortable on this roadway.
  • Medium Comfort Roadways – Roadways with higher traffic volumes and/or higher posted speeds compared to high comfort facilities. Be ready to interact with cars.
  • Low Comfort Roadways – Typically multi-lane or median-separated roadways with bicycle facilities or shared roadways with higher speeds and volumes. Be ready to interact with cars.
  • Very Low Comfort Roadways – Multi-lane roadways with speeds posted 40 MPH or higher. May or may not have bicycle facilities. 

These maps are helpful, but remember to use common sense! If you don’t feel comfortable on a given route, choose a different one. Conversely, you may know a quiet residential street that is perfect for bike riding but isn’t listed on a bike map. Have fun exploring!

Disclaimer: This map illustrates popular bicycle routes that have been identified by the City of Tallahassee and Leon County, who assume no liability for bicyclists traveling on these routes and therefore bicyclists assume a risk while using these routes identical to the risks assumed on all other roadways.

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Bike Counts

The Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department actively partners with the community to collect baseline data on bicycling in Tallahassee and Leon County. The data provide information on the usage and demand for bicycle facilities, allow for the measurement of trends, and help provide context for crash data. Collecting bicycle counts will support planning for bicycle improvements and, overtime, provide a means to evaluate the long term benefits of bicycle improvements.

Bike Count Map

Bike Route Tour Map

Bike Route Tour Map: This story map provides a detailed virtual tour of each of the bike routes,. Sights and attractions along each route are highlighted, with pictures and website links to help you plan your next cycling adventure in Tallahassee!

Bike Route Tour Map

Other Map Resources

trailahassee graphic

Trailahassee:  This mobile-friendly website includes everything you need to know about trails in Leon County. Trailahassee features in-depth trail descriptions, photos, videos and other information needed to plan your next outdoor adventure. Not sure if there's a trail near you? No worries – just use the 'find a trail' function to locate facilities by activity, surface, or proximity.

Tally Parks Image

TallyParks App:The TallyParks app allows you to find the best parks and trails that Tallahassee has to offer. TallyParks highlights some of the hidden gems within the city that are not available through other map services. With TallyParks you can:

  • Search for a trail by Trail Marker.
  • Scan a QR code on the trail to find your location relative to the trail/park.
  • Browse a list of Parks and Trails and their amenities.
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