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Local Bicycle Businesses and Makers

Check out Tallahassee local bicycle businesses and makers that are helping to grow Tallahassee’s cycling-related economy.

Anhaica Bag Works
Railroad Square Art Park
>Before the Spanish arrived in Florida, present-day Tallahassee was known as Anhaica, the capital of the Apalachee Indian tribe. Today, locally owned and operated Anhaica Bag Works is where Marina Mertz makes bicycle bags and other waxed canvas goods. All Anhaica products are hand waxed using beeswax locally sourced from the Florida Panhandle. The beeswax makes the canvas water-resistant while smelling sweetly of the honey bees. Visit Marina at her workshop Railroad Square Art Park, 565 Industrial Avenue.

Bicycle Belts
Local firefighter Tom Hellmann loves to ride bikes and repurposes used bicycle tires to create handmade, one-of-a-kind belts and keychains.  These used bike tires would typically be discarded in local landfills. These belts are waterproof which makes them far more durable than leather or cloth belts.

Efficient Systems E-Bikes

Fabio Vargas and Maximo Mendoza are two local entrepreneurs bringing electric bikes, or e-bikes, to Tallahassee roadways. E-bikes are regular bikes that have an electric assist – when a rider approaches a hill, they can turn on the electric assist to help them power up the hill without breaking a sweat, at a top speed of 20 mph. E-bikes are charged using a regular wall outlet and fold up to go anywhere with ease. Efficient Systems is available to work with companies to set up e-bike fleets or individuals looking to upgrade their ride.

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Buckler Cycling Products
Buckler imageBuckler Cycling produces skincare products specificallyformulated for the needs of cyclists. Handcrafted in Tallahassee, Buckler skincare products are handcrafted in small batches and created using sustainably produced ingredients. Sunshine Cycles carries a variety of Buckler Cycling skincare products. Available at Sunshine Cycles.

Old Field Cycles
Tallahassee’s own custom bikebuilder Justin Pogge has been building bikes for commuting, racing, bike polo and even golf for the past 10 years. Though Old Field’s main business is custom bikes, the company also is available to help with bicycle frame repairs and modifications, including custom front and back racks.