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Downtown-University Protected Bicycle Lane Network

Tallahasseans are increasingly using bicycles to get around town and local business owners are seeing more and more customers visiting their businesses by bike. Around the world, many communities are realizing the benefits of building protected bike lanes to make getting around by bike easier and safer. Protected bike lanes provide more space and physical separation between the bike lane and vehicle lane compared with traditional striped bike lanes.

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This planned bicycle network will provide over five miles of new bicycle facilities connecting Downtown, Cascade Park, Florida State University (FSU), Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), and the Stadium Trail, including:

  • 3 miles of protected lanes
  • 2 miles of shared lanes
  • 0.5 miles of buffered and on-street bike lanes

Phase 1 – Early Fall 2015

Protected Bike lane network Map Phase 1 view a PDF of this map

Protected Bike Lanes: Pensacola Street and St. Augustine Street

Shared Lanes: Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and Bloxham Street

Buffered and On-Street Bike Lanes: Adams Street

East of Macomb Street, protected bicycle lanes on Pensacola Street, St. Augustine, and Adams Street will connect the central Downtown areas to Cascade Park, Civic Center (future Arena District), Florida State University College of Law, and the Cascade Trail among numerous other destinations. The protected bike lane facilities will be supported by existing bike lanes on Macomb Street and planned bike lanes along Wahnish Way connecting to the FAMU campus. Designated shared lane roadways along Bloxham Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard will provide connections to the All Saints and Frenchtown neighborhoods.

Phase 2: Mid-Late 2016

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Protected Bike Lanes: Pensacola Street and St. Augustine Street

Shared Lanes: Lorene Street, Stone Valley Way, Stearns Street, Mosely Street

Buffered and On-Street Bike Lanes: Adams Street

West of Macomb Street, protected bike lanes along Pensacola Street and St. Augustine Street will complete the connection from Downtown to the Florida State University and the Gaines Street area. Phase 2 will also connect the new bicycle lanes to the existing Stadium Trail, creating over 2.5 miles of new connectivity from Adams Street to Ocala Road. Shared roadways also will connect the Gaines Street area to Lake Elberta and the St. Marks Trail at Gamble Street.

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What are “Protected” Bike Lanes?

Protected bike lanes provide physical separation from vehicle traffic for people cycling.

Green delineator posts and bumper blocks are installed within a 48” buffer zone between vehicle and bicycle lanes Planters narrow the lane at select intersections, which serves to prevent vehicles from accidentally turning into the protected bike lane.

Intersections are emphasized with green striping

Two-stage left turn boxes and bike boxes assist cyclists making left hand turns

Construction Photos