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Interactive Facilities Map
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This interactive map was designed by Tallahassee – Leon County Geographic Information Systems staff using data created by the Tallahassee – Leon County Planning Department.


1. On-Street Bike Lane: Painted, one-way, paved bike lane at least four feet wide adjacent to one or more travel lanes.

2. Sharrow: Shared Right of Way (ROW). Allows both vehicle and bicycle usage. Usually reserved for slower, two-way streets with limited ROW and on-street parking.

3. Shared Used Path: Dedicated paved or hard-surface path for bicyclists, pedestrians, and other self-powered users.

4. Paved Shoulder: Paved road shoulder that is narrower than a standard bike lane, and is accessible to bicyclists.

5. Bike Trails: Usually single- or double-track natural surface trails.

6. Sidewalks: Concrete walking sidewalks maintained by local or state government, usually 4-6’ or wider. Not recommended for bicycling unless signed.

7. Curb ramps: A small ramp built into the curb of a sidewalk to ease passage to the street, especially for bicyclists, pedestrians with baby carriages, and physically disabled people.

8. Power Line ROW: Land owned by electric utility provider that is accessible to bicyclists and hikers (this is different from an easement that does not allow any public access).

9. Multimodal Transportation District: 18-square mile area in the center of Tallahassee within which the City of Tallahassee, Leon County and State of Florida have committed to planning primarily for the pedestrian, bicyclist and transit.